MANTRACODA is an outfit that was established by singer/songwriter Jake Brookes after he returned from his last European solo tour. The former front-man of Melbourne band Manifest, teamed up with multi-instrumentalist Andrea Murray to form the core of MANTRACODA. After returning from Europe, Jake hooked up with Engineer/Composer - Harvey Welsh - and together they crafted the album "Songbook" which is now available for purchase through CD BABY. They recorded the album over a 3 month period in Canberra and subsequently an EP off the  album was featured in MIDEM, France and SXSW, Austin Texas. After this Jake won the APRA "Songs of the City Competition" which earnt him the title of Melbourne's best emerging solo artist whose music was as indicative of Melbourne as Bob Dylan's music is of New York.

 After recording their first EP entitled "Soundunes", they began working on their album called "Door to Amaze" at Dale Street Studios in Port Adelaide, with the help of engineer Paul Dangerfield. This is the first time that the album has been released and MANTRACODA will be touring both albums, as well as a whole range of original music and compositions in the near future. After a small tour up the West Coast of Australia, Mantracoda have been tirelessly working on taking their unique organic fusion of music to the next level, creating awesome sonic waves and taking their listeners and fans on journeys to remember. They recorded their first film clip with Steve O'Connor for their song "Holly" which was released as part of an EP which is available through CDBABY. They have also released three singles, two of which are off their latest LP called "Door to Amaze".

The beauty of MANTRACODA is in its inclusiveness of other nationalities, styles and influences in its music and is seen by the band more as a musical vehicle that takes them creatively where they want to go, offering their listeners something different and outside the mainstream. They try to enrich people's lives through their tireless dedication to their craft, inspiring people to think outside the square. They are currently playing around South Australia and have performed in festivals such as the Semaphore Music Festival, the Port Adelaide Festival, Emergenza, as well as running an acoustic sessions night at the Port Dock Brewery Hotel to help encourage and support local emerging artists. The album Door to amaze is their latest offering and has to be heard to be believed. Years of work, dedication and true-musician ship has gone into this amazing production. Thus far several songs off the 'Door to Amaze" LP have had extensive radio play around Australia thanks to AMRAP/AirIt. It has also received very favourable responses around the World through Radio Airplay.

In more recent times Mantracoda have been crafting new material for their latest offering, an EP called "GECKO" that they are currently working on at Wizard Tone Studios in Hendon. Working alongside engineer/musician James Brown is really taking the music to a whole new and exciting level. With gigs booked out for the up and coming Umbrella Winter City Sounds Festival and Guitars in Bars Festival in July, Mantracoda are returning to the scene fully charged with a whole new line-up of material. They are incredibly excited about the next leg of their musical journey and look forward to taking their music to a much larger global audience. They also organised a mini-festival called "Enchantment by the River" at Gallery Yampu, with a dozen or so outfits, artists and performers as part of the July Festival season. Exciting times ahead so stay tuned.....

They are preparing to release their latest single called "CROSSWIND" in coming months which they're very excited about. This time around they're working with pro-musicians to take their sound to the next level, which makes for a refreshing change, rather than doing the majority of instrumentation themselves. This is indeed an exciting and creative year for Mantracoda. 


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