by Mantracoda

Released 2014
Released 2014
This is a musical journey that myself, the Founder of MANTRACODA & legendary Producer, Engineer and musician/composer Harvey Welsh created for everyone to experience for themselves. Our influences and styles are vast & we hope you all enjoy :)
Songbook was recorded in Canberra with the help and guidance of musician/producer Harvey Welsh. After returning from a European tour I had the opportunity to work with Harvey in his humble studio and after three months of composing and recording, Songbook emerged and was subsequently featured in Europe and America by A&R man Norman McCourt at Midem, France and SXSW, Austin Texas. The album is really a musical journey that crosses many different styles and all of the instrumentation that we put behind the predominantly acoustic tracks reflects the various moods of the music and creates a wonderful sonic landscape for the listener to explore and enjoy. I hope that people get inspiration from the sincerity and honesty of the music that encapsulates many years of personal experiences. For on a journey we go and flow and as the miles pass we start to know... Peace