Jet Black Light

by Mantracoda

Released 2014
Released 2014
This track is the latest single off their soon to be released EP entitled 'Soundunes'. All of the instrumentation was composed, recorded and performed by Jake Brookes, Andrea Murray & Nesta using a variety of instruments to create a unique & awesome vibe.
MANTRACODA is incredibly excited to bring the first single off their latest EP to the Global Arena. Currently working on their album entitled 'SOUNDUNES', the song 'Jet Black Light' is really unique in the sense that it was originally written as a jazz/fusion song. It wasn't until Jake spent time in WA that the song morphed into what it is today. When Andrea came into the fold with her unique flute playing and percussive knowledge, the song changed again. What you hear at the start of the song is a road-train that they recorded late at night as they were traveling across the Nullarbor Plain late last year on their first musical tour together. Rock On...