Door to Amaze

by Mantracoda

Released 2015
Released 2015
Mantracoda's latest offering 'Door to Amaze', is a sonic journey, taking the listener/s through a vast myriad of musical styles, influences & soundscapes - that not only inspire, but also create a unique and honest soundtrack for all to savour & enjoy!!
Mantracoda's album 'Door to Amaze' truly is like opening up a sonic door into a completely different time and space, with the sound of crashing waves, recorded on location at one of South Australia's most legendary surf beaches, into the weaving melodies, haunting lead, lilting flute and tribal riffs that cradle the honest story-telling resonance of the vocals. From the beginning you enter into a journey that takes you through a vast array of emotions and musical styles that remain grounded in their humble, yet often complex root systems that feed the rest of the sonic landscapes.
Each song tells a different story, from freedom - to release, heart-break - to coming back to one, challenges - to resolution, uncertainty - to positive affirmation and a state of grace. Each song very much encapsulates a unique time and space and the overall flow of the album keeps the listener guessing and wanting more. With some of the songs evolving over years of musical and emotional journeying, 'Door to Amaze' really is an album that Mantracoda is proud of and honoured to have recorded. With the help of Paul Dangerfield from the Dale Street Studios in Port Adelaide, Andrew Edgson from Studios 301 in NSW and Disk Edits in Adelaide, Jake Brookes and Andrea Murray from Mantracoda were able to realize their dreams and bring their creation to the people for all to experience and enjoy. Together they created all of the instrumentation and artwork and with the help of 'session' drummer, Dave McGuire - they have truly produced a body of work that will stand the test of time...