Wizard Tone Studios


Back in the recording studio working alongside some incredibly talented musicians on our latest album "ASCENSION". Here's some pics


Wheatsheaf Hotel



Love that stage...



Breaking Free Tour



July Gigs


Hey good people, here's a list of our gigs for July


The Gecko Project


After a few months of intense creativity, Mantracoda have begun working on their latest EP called "GECKO". Working with renowned Producer Darren Mullan, Jake and Andrea are taking their song writing to new heights with their latest project. Building upon the energy of their previous albums, Mantracoda hopes to take their next EP to a vaster global audience. Stay tuned...



Happy New Year to All!!!


We'd like to give thanks to The Gov, Boomers, WOWFM, Songcatcher (Radio Adelaide), The Gaslight, Crown and Scepture, The Wheaty, Hillbilly Hoot, Croyden bowling club and the other venues that we played at last year. This year's looking to be a great year musically with a whole range of new material coming into the fold. Exciting times indeed, so stay tuned...


Winds of change


It's shaping up to be an incredible year with half a dozen new songs already in formation and our LP rolling on strongly, gaining momentum. March is looking great with gigs already lined up and excitement building about playing in the Adelaide Fringe Festival :)


Summer of Music


Well what a way to start the year with awesome performances at the Port Dock Brewery Hotel by all the original artists that we booked. Best show that we've ever played there with the audience loving it!!! Shows booked for this week and next week at the Glenelg Town Hall, The Governor Hindmarsh Hotel and our residency at the Port Dock Brewery Hotel. The year has only begun and yet the music is powering through into the new year. Awesome!!! 


Summer Sessions 2016



The Journey Rolls On...


After an awesome time at Face The Music in Melbourne we return to Semaphore to smash out another great session with other local acts in Port Adelaide. Coming up is our final show for the year with eight wonderful acts booked. Should be a riot :)


Face The Music


Mantracoda are heading down to Melbourne for the Face The Music conference at the Melbourne Art Centre. Looking forward to the opportunity to network and promote our 'Door to Amaze' LP. Should be awesome fun :)







The moment has finally arrived when we are able to offer the World a very powerful set of keys to open a truly amazing door... MANTRACODA'S "DOOR TO AMAZE." The keys are now in your hands, so turn the key and take a chance! An incredible sonic journey awaits........ What are you waiting for???


Spring Acoustic Sessions



Latest Single 'MANTRA' out now!!!





So please to announce that we've been listed on AirIt!!! Now the tunes off our latest LP can be heard through Australia on Community Radio. Awesome stuff and thanks to the AMRAP and AirIt crews. We love ya :)  http://airit.org.au/airit/Mantracoda-Holly.html




Come and check out the first single to be released off our 'DOOR TO AMAZE' LP...


Hold Onto Your Hats


What an exciting time with the LP's final mixing session happening next week before our 'Door To Amaze' album gets sent off to 301 Studios in Sydney for Mastering. Working on the artwork at the moment with an electric buzz in the air. Stay tuned...


Door To Amaze


Indeed we are Amazed at the final song on the album that we recorded just over a week ago. Mind blowing. Two more songs to re-record off the EP in Dale Street Studios before we enter into the final mixing phase. Awesome flow in a totally wicked situation. Lovin' it!!!! Rock on :)


Amazing Times


With eight song recorded now and sounding awesome we can't wait to get back into the studio on Sunday and record our next song "VERANDA". The album is almost complete :)


The Stage is set :)


The stage is set for an awesome year ahead!!! Back in Dale Street Studios to craft the rest of our album 'Soundunes'. Our clip for 'Holly' is almost complete and an excellent response from every one at The Gov with our first warm up performance for the new year. Rock On!!


Happy New Year


Hope you all had a safe and awesome xmas and New Year!! This year will be an exciting one for us as we smash out the remaining songs of our 'SOUNDUNES' album. Keep your eyes out for our up and coming performances around Adelaide.. Peace




Finally we are proud to release the EP off our up and coming album 'SOUNDUNES'. Enjoy :)


A Big Thankyou :)


We just want to say a big thankyou to all of the people who supported our "SUMMERSONG" push. We reached over 22,000 people in 24 hours. Awesome!!! A small taste of things to come. We're preparing to go back into the recording studio tomorrow night to record our next song "MANTRA"!!! Happy Days :) This song rocks with it's swampy longing rock feel... Can't wait




This song is AWESOME and you have to hear it. You'll love it and it's our pleasure to bring it to you. ENJOY cool cats....


Recording Studio


Very excited after a successful meeting with the owners of 'Dale Street Studio' a couple of nights ago. We think it will be an awesome place to record the rest of our album. First song up... 'MANTRA'. Heaps of work in front of us to bring more wicked music to everyone's table, yet it's work that we love and are very proud of, so stay tuned!!! Cheers to Paul and Colin for sharing our vision. Rock on!!! Keep your eyes and ears out for the last single we'll be releasing this year called 'SUMMERSONG'. It fukn rocks!!! Next year all three singles will be released for the first time as an EP in the light of our up and coming EP LAUNCH. Happy Days...


EP Launch


Think we've found an awesome venue for our EP Launch in the port. Currently rehearsing in this space and the sound acoustics are phenomenal!!! Stay tuned for more info... 


New Facebook Link


Hey there people, you'll notice a link to facebook now down the right hand side of the sight. So come on over, like us, pay us a visit and stay in touch. Happy Days :)


New Release


We're very excited to release our 1st single from our up and coming EP called 'Jet Black Light'. You can purchase it through CDBABY. There's also our single available through CDBABY off the 'SONGBOOK' album called 'VISION'. Just released the SONGBOOK LP through a large amount of distributers and the musical journey rolls on :) Enjoy !!!





Welcome good people to MANTRACODA's new and evolving site. We hope you like the 'Songbook' album that is available for the first time to the general public to download. Very soon we will have hard copies for all those interested. We also have a range of limited edition prints available. Keep you eyes and ears posted for our soon to be released EP. Enjoy :) Jake and Andrea... Stay tuned